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Step 03

Now choose custom filters.

The leaf-fluttering-in-wind
Basic Breather

For the everyday lover
of clean air


The filter every family needs: Certified HEPA to trap harmful particulates.

The sneezing-face
Big Sneeze

Fight back against
annoying allergens


Helps allergy sufferers wake up with clearer heads.

The baby
Rookie Parent

Making the air clean and
safe for your littles

H12 HEPA + Carbon

A HEPA + carbon-loaded filter to protect little lungs from airborne germs and other nasties.

The dog-face Critter Cuddler

Clearing the air for fur families

H13 HEPA + Ammonia-targeted carbon + Mila Sock

Keep your place free of stink and allergens.

The construction
Home Wrecker

Protecting you from that
"new home" smell

H12 HEPA + Formaldeyhyde-targeted carbon

If you’re going all HGTV on your home, this filter slays household odors and harmful chemicals.

Purifier and filter may arrive separately.

The woman

Extra protection when
you are breathing for two

H14 HEPA + Carbon

Designed to reduce the anxiety that comes with breathing for two β€” as well as the odor sensitivity.

Purifier and filter may arrive separately.

The construction

Protection from ALL
the things

H14 HEPA + Formaldeyhyde-targeted carbon

Combat anything and everything that could be lurking in your air.

Purifier and filter may arrive separately.