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Step 03

Now choose custom filters.

The leaf-fluttering-in-wind
Basic Breather

For the everyday lover of clean air


The filter every family needs: Certified HEPA to trap harmul particulartes.

The sneezing-face
Big Sneeze

Fight back against
annoying allergens

H13 HEPA + Anti-allergen coating

Helps allergy sufferers wake up with clearer heads.

The baby
Rookie Parent

Making the air clean and
safe for your littles

H12 HEPA + Carbon + Anti-bacterial coating

A germicidal coated HEPA filter to protect little lungs from airborne germs and other nasties.

The dog-face Critter Cuddler

Clearing the air for fur families

H13 HEPA + Ammonia-targeted carbon + Anti-allergen coating + Mila Sock

Keep your place free of stink and allergens.

The construction
Home Wrecker

Protecting you from that
"new home" smell

H12 HEPA + Formaldeyhyde-targeted carbon

If you’re going all HGTV on your home, this filter slays household odors and harmful chemicals.

The woman

Fight back against
annoying allergens

H14 HEPA + Carbon + Anti-bacterial coating

Designed to reduce the anxiety that comes with breathing for two — as well as the odor sensitivity.

The construction

Protection from ALL
the things

H14 HEPA + Formaldeyhyde-targeted carbon + Anti-bacterial coating

Combat anything and everything that could be lurking in your air.