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A big brain brain and the muscle flexed-biceps to back it up.

Get a closer look at the powerful air purifier that can actually stand behind its claims.

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Mila packs 45 ft2 of certified HEPA, the gold standard in ultrafine particle filtration.


A lot of companies try to confuse you with big words: HEPA-type, HEPA-like, HEPA-grade, 99%-HEPA, patented nanotech, ionizes, neutralizes, destroys, vaporizes, etc.

(Pro Tip: this is all b.s. made up by some marketing guy named Bob.)

Certified HEPA is the only proven technology, and the only material we trust at Mila. It's the ONLY filtration technology guaranteed to remove 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers (µm) in diameter, such as smoke, allergens, house dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, fungi, PM2.5, and PM10.

She brings 1 lb of heavy-duty granular activated carbon.

(the best at filtering harmful VOCs, odors and smelly smiling-cat-face)

Other manufacturers cheat and call a few ounces of carbon dust a “carbon filter.” However, filtration of gases depends on the weight and depth of activated carbon.

Mila’s patent-pending Dual-Flow filter allows her to hold an optional 1 lb of granular active carbon in a 3-inch bed, giving you best-in-class filtration for household odors and harmful VOCs from paints, carpets, and pressed woods.


And filters up to 95.7% of airborne viruses in 30 mins.

Mila is today’s must have cleaning device. Third-party lab tests show Mila can quickly remove airborne viruses in an average size bedroom.

Results: While Mila can’t prevent you from getting sick, she does her best to help you and your family stay healthy. These studies show Mila can rapidly dilute the concentration of airborne viral particles — which can often float in the air for hours.

Methodology (for geeks/geekettes ): Mila was independently tested in a 1,007 ft3 stainless-steel chamber for its multi-pass virus filtration efficiency using the MS-2 bacteriophage (ATCC 15597-B1), a proxy for most virus sizes, including SARS-CoV2. Show more

The organisms were aerosolized into the chamber and the chamber air was then sampled at 5 minute intervals using 6 SKC BioStage Single-Stage Impactors where they were collected on a agar plate. In addition, cumulative particle number concentrations in the range of 16.5nm-604.3nm were also measured with the TSI SMPS 3938. The environmental conditions were 72 °F and 50% RH.

Yup, she cleans like a total boss.

Despite her tiny size, Mila is a powerhouse. She delivers a stellar 447 CADR m3/hr.

(Translation: She dominates purifiers twice her size and price).


Living Room



See how long it takes Mila to clean each of these rooms in a real-world setting. This assumes that there is poor outdoor air quality, at a constant 75 AQI, so Mila needs to first clean the room AND maintain it from outside air infiltration.

In this situation, Mila can provide an 11x protection factor from the air outdoors, in under 40 minutes, in a 350 ft2 living room — the equivalent of wearing an air purifying respirator.

There’s really no comparison.

Mila has the others beat across the board, from performance to price.

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  • Molekule
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  Mila Dyson Molekule
Filter Type Filter Type
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1 1
Model Model2.0 Pure Cool Link Air
Unit Price Unit Price$349 $599 $799
Filter Price Filter Price$59 to $99 $150 $140
Cadr Cadr245 to 447 m3/hr 135 m3/hr 100 m3/hr
Tvoc Removal+ More Tvoc Removal  + More74.85% to 97.89% 94.86% 77.17%
FormaldehydeFurniture Formaldehyde-- 89.5% 29.80%
Ammoniapet odor Ammonia-- -- --
Benzenecleaning supplies, tobacco smoke Benzene-- 96.67% --
Toluenepaint, detergents Toluene-- 97.22% --
Butyl Acetatehouseolds odors Butyl Acetate-- 95.68% --
N-Undecanecooking and food odors N-Undecane-- 94.87% --
Ethylbenenepaints, varnishes, cleaning suppliers Ethylbenene-- 95.06% --
P-Xyleneoupaints, adhesives, permanent markers P-Xyleneou-- 94.80% --
M-Xylenepaints, adhesives, permanent markers M-Xylene-- 94.75% --
O-Xylenepaints, adhesives, permanent markers O-Xylene-- 93.82% --
Styreneprinters, rubber flooring, insulation Styrene-- 90.68% --
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She delivers 2x the value at ½ the price.

Other air purifiers are priced like Ferraris and perform like golf carts.

Mila cleans the air more efficiently, for less $$ — making great air quality accessible for everyone.


Better Performance CADR (m3/hr)


Better Price superior value

Put Mila to work for you.

She’s backed by a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose but crappy air. Preorder your Mila today.


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