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Air breathers,

Ever met an air purifier you truly loved? Neither had we. So we created Mila—the first air purifier designed with real, air-breathing humans in mind.

The app is hugely helpful and a great resource for knowing more about your indoor air quality and how the current settings of an air purifier can affect that.

Derek Hales, Modern Castle "Mila Air Purifier Review"

The smartest, most intuitive, and cutting-edge air purifier that money can buy.

Nina Huang, Travel + Leisure "Why This Air Purifier Designed by Software Engineers Is the Next Smart Home Gadget You Need"

This classy, app-controllable large room air purifier adapts to the size of whatever room it’s placed in. It also looks great in any room it’s placed in.

PopSci Commerce Team, Popular Science "Best Air Purifiers: Cleaner Indoor Air At the Push of a Button"

Versus other smart air purifiers we’ve looked at, its smart capabilities are head-and-shoulders above — almost another species.

Tim Heffernan, Wirecutter "The Best Air Purifier for 2021"

What astounds me about [Mila] is that it’s smarter than many other air purifiers I’ve come across.

John Velasco, Digital Trends "Not All Air Purifiers Protect Against This Silent Killer"

Mila's air purifier can help remove smoke, dust and pollution from your room, which can literally make it easier for your partner to sleep at night.

Tim Chan & Brandt Raj, Rolling Stone "Best Tech Gifts: 2021"

It offers the best performance, features and filtration I could find at a very reasonable price: more for less.

Larry Olmsted, Forbes "Why You Still Want An Air Purifier Even After Vaccination"

It’s definitely the best-looking air purifier we’ve tested, reasonably compact and featuring a polka-dot pattern that wouldn’t look out of place at a MoMA exhibit.

Christopher Null, TechHive "Mila Air Purifier Review: Breathe Better, and Make a Fashion Statement"

Finally, an air purifier with genuine smarts.

Let’s face it, today’s air purifiers are outdated appliances wrapped in sketchy marketing.

Most still have 3 antiquated speeds—like a blender circa 1984. Mila is different. She’s intuitive, honest, and is made with more thoughtfulness than grandma's apple pie.

No, you don’t have to take our word for it.

The biggest problem with air purifiers is that you don’t know if they’re actually doing anything. There’s no proof you can see.

Mila solves that. Simply adjust the fan speed to your desired air quality and Mila shows you the estimated time to achieve it. It’s as intuitive as setting your thermostat.


Of course, she cleans like a boss too.

Packed with 45 ft2 of certified HEPA and a powerful clean air delivery rate (CADR), Mila’s got both the brains and the brawn.

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And yes, she’s probably the cutest air purifier ever. 🤗

Just look at that face. She looks great in every room.

There’s a filter for you and your peeps.

Everybody has different challenges with the air they breathe. Whether you and yours are up against allergies, pet odors, urban smog, or home renovation dust and chemicals—Mila has you covered.

The dog-face
Critter Cuddler.

Clearing the air for fur families.

Pet parents, rejoice. This HEPA + heavy-duty carbon filter removes pet dander and odors to keep your place free of animal funk and allergens.


The construction
Home Wrecker.

Protecting you from that “new home” smell

Taking a paintbrush (or sledgehammer) to your place? This filter makes sure the chemicals and odors from new paint, carpet, or furniture don’t linger.

home wrecker

The sneezing-face
Big Sneeze.

Helping you fight back against allergens

Consider yourself saved from indoor/outdoor allergies with this filter designed specifically to eliminate the particles that make you a-a-achoo.


The baby
Rookie Parent

Making the air clean and safe for your littles.

This filter is the perfect protection for young families with sensitive or developing immune systems (and stinky diapers).


The leaf-fluttering-in-wind
Basic Breather.

For the everyday lover of clean air

This brilliant basic is designed for those who don’t have any specific needs, other than the desire for clean, fresh air.


The woman

Extra protection when you’re breathing for two

Expect cleaner air when you're breathing for two with 99.995% efficiency filtration (plus elimination of all the odors you can’t stand the smell of right now).


The exploding-head

Protection from ALL the things

The mother of all filters, this one combats anything and everything that could be lurking in your air.


The whole experience with Mila has been great from unboxing to setting up. Everything is very intuitive and easy to use

Jordan B.
Critter Cuddler

Chuck C.

A Critter Cuddler

Amazing product! Intuitive, productive, and most of all it cleans deep! Cannot beat it for the price! The best deep cleaning robot I have ever had in my room!


Taylor B.

A Overreactor

Best air purifier I’ve ever had—well, it’s the only air purifier that I’ve owned and didn’t know I needed one until after getting a Mila. No more dust particles floating in the air when the sun shines in, who would have thought?! Would definitely recommend!

Big Sneeze


A Big Sneeze

I’ve had many other brands of filters in our house and none give me the status of how ours is doing and I feel confident knowing that the air that I’m breathing is better now as a result of Mila filters.

Come home to Mila.

Get one for your most lived-in area or tackle every room. The more Milas, the merrier.

  • Mila inside room
  • Mila inside room
  • Mila inside room

The Studio 1x Mila


The Studio 1x Mila

Ideal for a studio apartment or any room up to 1,000 ft2.

The One Bedroom 2x Milas


The One Bedroom 2x Milas

Perfect for a 1-bedroom apartment or any 2 rooms up to 1,000 ft2 each.

The Two Bedroom 3x Milas


The Two Bedroom 3x Milas

Superb for a 2-bedroom apartment or any 3 rooms up to 1,000 ft2 each.

So smart,
she makes air quality simple.

The science of air quality is complicated. Mila explains things in plain language, using terms (and emojis) you can understand.


Instantly see the air quality in every room.

Multiple Milas allow you to keep tabs on the whole house.

Want an update? Just ask Mila.

She’ll keep you updated on the status of your air throughout the day.

Know when you’re better off staying in.

Mila tells you when the air quality dips outside, and adjusts automatically to keep you protected inside.

Find out if mold could be lurking.

She monitors the humidity, and alerts you if you’re at risk of mold growth.

Mila always puts you first.

Finally, an air purifier designed with the wants and needs of real people in mind.

quiet mode

Stays quiet in your presence.

The first purifier to detect room presence, Mila knows to quiet down when you enter the room and deep clean when you leave.

housekeeping mode

Works harder when you’re away.

Mila is smart enough to do her deepest cleaning when you’re not around—so you always come home to a clean and quiet space.

housekeeping mode

Protects what matters most.

Mila is the first purifier to include a life-saving carbon monoxide sensor to protect against malfunctioning furnaces and space heaters.

Cleaner air is just an ask away.

Mila works with your favorite voice assistants to make knowing more about your air quality even easier.

How it works.

Mila makes purifying your air simpler and more affordable than ever.


Decide how many Milas you need.

Each Mila unit cleans a room up to 1,000 ft2— and they’re refreshingly affordable at just $349 each.


Customize your filters.

Choose a personalized filter for each unit, depending on specific air issues you need to solve. Don't have any? Our Basic Breather filter is perfect for everyday cleaning.


Get fresh filters every 6 months.

Subscribe to Auto Refill and save $$ (and time). Your first filter is free and you can cancel at any time. (Or buy them the old fashioned way … no pressure!)


Welcome Mila and breathe easy.

Simple setup means you’ll have Mila working her magic in minutes.

100% Mila-backed guarantee.


At Mila we feel incredibly lucky to be able to make products that have a meaningful impact on the health and wellbeing of the people we love. We take that responsibility seriously.

That's why we provide our Mila-backed guarantee, including:

30-Day Refunds

If you don’t love Mila, you can return her within 30 days for a full refund, minus shipping and handling.

One-Year Warranty

Should something happen with your Mila, no worries—you’re covered.

The Mila Promise

Honestly clean air from an honest company.

Now shipping. Get yours in 3-5 days. 🚀

It’s easy and risk free, with our Mila-backed guarantee.

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