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Because every family deserves to breathe easy.




Created by three dads who wanted better for our families—and yours.

As fathers living in Shanghai, our founders Grant, Dave, and Charles got up close and personal with the impacts of urban air pollution. Between nasty chronic coughs and weekends cooped up indoors, we saw firsthand how the smog affected both the physical and mental wellbeing of our families—and decided to do something about it.

We set out to create the best air purifier on the market.

A refreshingly thoughtful air purifier.

In building Mila, we did something radical: we thought about people. What would they need and want? Throughout our journey of design, engineering, and launching on Kickstarter, we’ve taken countless ideas and suggestions on board to create a product that puts people first.

Mila is a best-in-class HEPA air purifier that’s better in every way. She’s smart, simple, quiet, and affordable (and cute, because our hunch was right: No one wants an eyesore in their living room).

By a refreshingly thoughtful company.

Air purifier manufacturers have built their businesses on features and benefits that can’t be seen or touched, making it easy for them to mislead consumers.

We made it our mission to do things differently:

  • Speaking honestly to customers and treating them like family

  • Launching Mila at an affordable price

  • Eliminating the hassle of filter replacement

  • Customizing each unit to people’s unique needs

  • Standing behind our product with a money back guarantee

  • Manufacturing with the environment in mind

Everyone has the right to clean air. And now with Mila, everyone has the opportunity to breathe it.

Named after one of our own.

As you may have guessed, we named the company Mila after one of our own kids—so that we’d be constantly reminded of our commitment not just to our own families, but to families around the world.

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