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Mila solves TenBig serious-face problems with today's air purifiers.

(Not to mention a bunch of smaller, yet still totally annoying, problems.)

You never know if an air purifier is actually working.

Mila is the first purifier to show you how much she’s cleaned. Every time you adjust the fan speed, you’ll see the expected air quality and time to achieve it.

It’s as simple as setting your thermostat.


You need a PhD to figure out what size to buy.

Mila is the right size for every room. She learns the size of each space to give you the same level of performance, whether she’s placed in a 150 ft2 nursery or a 400 ft2 family room.


They market unproven filtration “technology.”

Mila uses certified HEPA, the gold standard in fine particle filtration. She also rocks a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 447 m3/hr (that's more than 2x-5x that of competitors like Dyson and Molekule).


They’re noisy.

Mila is smart enough not to disturb you. She's the first purifier to detect room presence, so she knows to quiet down when you enter the room and deep clean when you’re gone.


They’re ugly.

Mila is cute. hugging-face


They cheat and call a few ounces of carbon dust a “carbon filter.”

Filtration of gases depends on the weight and depth of activated carbon. Mila’s patent-pending Dual-Flow filter holds over 1 lb of granular active carbon in a 3-inch bed, giving you best-in-class filtration for household odors and harmful VOCs from paints, carpets, and pressed woods.


They include one filter that tries to do a little bit of everything—but isn't good at anything.

Mila lets you choose from 7 custom filters, each purposefully designed to solve a particular home health need —such as pet dander or home renovation dust and chemicals.


They come with 3 antiquated speeds —like a blender circa 1984.

Mila is far more thoughtful and smart. Her Automagic Mode makes thousands of calculations in the background to determine optimal settings based on room type, time of day, sensor readings, and your personal preferences.


They hide behind confusing industry lingo.

Mila translates the complex science of air quality into plain language, filling you in using terms you can understand.


They’re priced like Ferraris and perform like golf carts. automobile

Mila delivers twice the value at half the price. Doesn’t everyone deserve to breathe clean air?

Get the air purifier that outsmarts them all.

Mila also solves the problem of high cost (coming in at just $349/unit) and forgetting to change your filter (Auto Refill available).

Order yours today, risk free. fisted-hand


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